A natural mystic intuitive from birth, I am blessed to be gifted with tremendous sensitivity, and the ability to catalyze healing and transformation in others. When I lift my energy, I fill up and radiate with cosmic love energy and can -- and DO -- channel it to people, plants, animals, the planet, while also being able to facilitate reconfiguring the recipientís energetic body, inspiring shifts within the recipient emotionally, mentally and physically. Clients receive superb spiritual and practical counseling as they and I, as a channel of Cosmic Love and Light, touch on and transform the client's core issues. When clients do the personal work that the Guides and I design specifically for them, the clients naturally evolve, which can be instantaneous as well as ongoing.

Clients and I partner in their greatness. Bringing clients' potential into actuality is an aspect of this partnership, one of my absolute greatest joys and delights. My ability to bring insights to clients and to always see something within them that can empower them are part of what my sessions bring to all my clients. I stand for the magnificence of my clients and am a witness for who they are in their greatness. Rather than feel that anyone needs "help" per se, another way to understand what is happening can be described as the client being, let us say, unaware in the moment, and that person benefits from enhanced ways of being, thinking, behaving. I function as the Light of Clarity facilitating clients in experiencing their inner Beacon so clients can navigate their lives in an empowered enlightened way.

As a channel of Light and Love, I give people access to their lives. This is extremely valuable to them, a Pearl of Great Price. I am also a mirror, reflecting their souls back to them, while also seeing the human glitches that have accumulated through the passage of time, experience, dimension, as I facilitate them in any combination of acknowledging, loving, embracing, releasing, re-integrating, shifting and/or transmuting these aspects. We all have everything in our own particular way, and it is up to each of us to be responsible for our beings with love, joy, health and wealth. Clients' lives change for the better after even one session. A series of ongoing sessions ensure continued transformation. The shifts and results that can be accomplished with the conscious cooperative connection of client, I as facilitator, and Source/God/Goddess/The Most High as ultimate Guide is ever amazing and gratifying to both clients and myself!

Gifted from birth, my spiritual advice and guidance have helped my beloved and devoted clients for almost 30 years. You can see my Transformational Web TV Show on Audrye Now! © at www.AudryeNow.tv, and at www.YouTube.com/AudryeNow, Web radio show at www.HolisticGlobeRadio.com, "The Mother's Manual Show." As a global metaphysician, I have done sessions and seminars in the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. My clients experience my talents with Source knowing I am committed to their well-being and transformation.

I was honored to receive the Hometown Video Festival Award for Inspiration for my pioneering New York live access cable TV show, "Aurora Borealis with Audrye" {sic} at the Alliance for Community Media Conference "From Vision to Reality" in 1998. I also hosted my own delightful radio show. To meet and greet groups at local, national, international events and expos, I have been and am a frequent speaker and exhibitor at such venues as The Expo of Heart; The Body, Mind and Soul Expo; the African Art Festival; The Florida Massage Therapy Association Conference; The New Life Expo; The Mystic Faire; The Wellness Expo; The Light Workers Expo; The Palm Beach Princess; countless New York venues; the United Nations; nongovernmental organizations or NGOs; The Psychic Fair Emporium; fundraisers for researching and healing AIDS, the Children's Aid Society and more; many corporate events; restaurants and clubs; and many others.

In the course of my life, I have received many Initiations and trainings, and am known as:

  • Spiritual Therapist-Teacher
  • Psychic, Clairvoyant
  • Energy Healer and Transmuter
  • Healer, Reiki Master
  • Access Light Energy Healer
  • Radiant Light Energy Healer
  • Ro-Hun Therapist
  • Past-Life Regressionist-Therapist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Shaman
  • Astrologer
  • Soul Card Reader
  • Chakra Balancer
  • Seminar Leader
  • Transformation Catalyst
  • Channel
  • Medium
  • Woman of Wisdom
  • Energy Enhancer

  • Personally, I consider and know myself to be a mystic intuitive with laughing heart and dancing feet. Born in New York, I know I also come from the stars and am absolutely multi-dimensional, a Cosmic Being, as are we all. It is time for all of us to claim all of our birthright and live the live of beauty, blessings and bounty that this Earthly paradise promises. It is up to each of us. We are at a turning point in our collective consciousnesses, and it is my pleasure and honor to do my part in my own ongoing transformation, as well as catalyze and facilitate shifts in whoever chooses it.

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