Super Readings Special
on Private Sessions with Audrye

Reading & Healings Bonanza for YOU!

What has you perplexed? Where are you stuck? What about that relationship? Should you stay or go? Do you really know what's going on with your child? What do you want to know? Want to know about your spiritual path?

Get answers from Audrye - ways to process and possibility here now
from this world-class mystic intuitive, healer, clairvoyant.

15 minute Session for ONLY $35
Limit one per person
One Session for $170 (normally $200)  
Two Sessions for $300 (normally $400)  

Grab this opportunity NOW!!!!
Huge savings for you PLUS you get the information and energy infusion you need to create your best life.

YOUR CHOICE: Psychic Readings, Astrology, Past-Life Regressions, Soul Cards, Healings, Reiki/Light Channeling, MORE!!! Readings can be in person or on the phone. We can also use cell phones to Skype or do a Google Hangout!

Order NOW to get your energy tune-up!

Choose Number of Sessions:

On the human side, Audrye's teachers include Swami Satchidananda, Patricia Hayes of the Delphi Institute, Elizabeth Stratten, Virginia Sandlin, Sun Bear, Moon Panther, Edgar Delgado, Jose Quimbo, Felissa Rose Gero, Don Miguel Ruiz, Archie Fire Lame Deer, Sunshine Eagle, Ken Little Hawk, the Honorable Dyanni Awahoo, Master Charles, Rabbi Gelberman, Beverly Korobow, Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute, Sean David Morton, Keith Varnum, Hilda Charleton, Gary Douglas, Louise Hay, the Energy Trackers, the Pleiadians as channeled by Barbara Marciniak, the Arcturians as channeled by Norma Milkanovich, JZ Knight and Ramtha, Jane Roberts and Seth, Mataji, Actualizations, Landmark Education, Summit Education, Alex Wang, Moses channel, Robert Pope, the Integral Yoga Institute, the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, the Millionaire Mind Intensive, Paulette Peloquin, Salvatore Bonito, Salim Faruqi, Alisha Diamond, Tamara Josephine Michael, Joan Carra, Lisa LaMendola, Halley Elise, Unity, family, friends and LIFE!!!!

Anyone, anywhere can have a session on any topic or range of topics.
Readings and healings can be done both in person as well as long distance.
The All in All, Source, is everywhere, so sessions can be done long-distance over the phone.

This is sacred work.

A recording of your session can be made for and sent to you so you have it always.

By Appointment ONLY
with Payment in Advance of Date of Appointment
Choose the Investment Fee You Prefer!!

Private Sessions:

1/2 Hour Session of Counseling and/or Healing $110
1 Hour Session of Counseling and/or Healing $200
1 Hour Session of Astrology $200
1 Hour Session of Past-Life Regression $200
1 Hour Session of Future-Life Progression $200

Packages of Five Private Sessions:

Five 1/2 Hour Sessions of Counseling/Healing $475
Five 1 Hour Sessions of Counseling/Healing $900

Ro-Hun Therapy:

Three 90-Minute Sessions of Ro-Hun Therapy $750

Clients receive a recording of their sessions.
Seminars and private tapes created by request.


email: audrye22 (at) AOL (dot) COM

or call toll free: 1 888 75 PEACE (1 888 757 3223)

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