"Audrye Arbe is what I refer to as a MYSTIQUE. There is a certain aura about her that radiates when you are in her presence. She has the body and face of eternal youth -- a walking testimony to her healthy and spiritual lifestyle. She is able to command a room with the uncanny mix of peaceful explosive energy. And, I have witnessed her healing powers, leaving the recipient transformed from the energy exchange.
All of these qualities add to Audrye's 'mystiqueness.' I often joke with her and say I believe she transports herself physically just by sheer will. That's the true essence of Audrye....believing and be living.

"As the owner of MUSIC ART LOVE, an art and music gallery, I was fortunate enough to carry Audrye's work. The colorful, free flowing brushwork that transformed energy onto canvas graced my walls. It was always a pleasure telling visitors about her 'OmArt' and the spiritual process that went into each piece of art. In doing so, I felt each person was affected by her spirit.

"I recommend everyone to experience the 'mystique of Audrye' whether through her art, her book, or her consultations. You truly will feel enlightened."

Christine Alexander
Owner, Curator, Music Art Love Gallery, Dania Beach, FL
Creator, Zen Faire Sundays, Wallflower Gallery, Miami, FL
Artist, Mom

"Testimony and Letter of Gratitude to an Earth Angel, Audrye Arbe"

"I met Audrye Arbe one Saturday afternoon in 1992 of all places over the television. Ms. Arbe was doing a call-in psychic show with four other women. I was so impressed with Audrye's warmth, sincerity and compassion that I felt a connection with her and called her immediately for an appointment.

"I was still morbidly depressed over the death of my 26-year-old daughter, who died four years before. I was having difficulty functioning on an emotional level.

"I went to Audrye's women's group weekly for two years and had readings and healing sessions individually with Audrye even longer, and she changed my life for the better.

"Over this time, I felt myself growing in a way I never thought possible. I was finally on a spiritual path of healing. I began to feel lighter, and I began to understand our lives here on Earth and in the afterlife. I no longer felt disconnected from my daughter. Instead, I felt as if I was in constant contact with her. I felt my heart open up to all of the possibilities of life again, and I understood that we would all be together again. We will see our loved ones again and be with them in Heaven, which gave me peace. I was able to stop worrying about my daughter after she died. I could not figure out where she could be and try to imagine what could Heaven be like, so I could visualize her safely in Heaven, but until my sessions with Audrye, I was trying to find her because although I was with her when she died and at her funeral, I did not believe she no longer existed.

"Losing her was devastating, and I am sure I was living in two worlds: one was my life of work and consciousness, the other was torture and searching for Debbie. With Audrye, I started to see her (my daughter) with her (Audrye) in a beautiful place dancing with the angels and taking care of children. That restored my sanity. I could even see her (my daughter) working at a ëtrauma unití in Heaven with a soul mate of hers with people just coming over after a traumatic death. In another reading, she (my daughter) was helping to restore the Earth for 11:11, and in another reading, she (my daughter) was ice skating, which indicated a feeling of freedom. In another reading, she (my daughter) was helping my mother to adjust to being in Heaven, and her (my daughterís) sense of humor would come through when she would tease me and say, 'You're not having enough fun, Mom.'

"Can you imagine the magnitude of what Audrye gave to me? No words can explain it.

"With Audrye, growth was like taking a quantum leap into another dimension of myself and learning about laws that govern the universe. New beginnings and openings on all levels of my being began, and I again was seeking, learning and loving. For instance, like kernels of corn that get planted in the earth, the sun comes out and the corn starts growing and growing, and I realized, it is me who is growing, and as I said, I could feel myself growing as I never had before. It is different. I felt joyful and felt myself evolving, even feeling as if my DNA is growing. The Spirit Guides said our DNA was growing. I have never regressed, and the information that Audrye channeled to me became part of my knowledge base. It is now part of my knowing and me, and I have passed it on as often as I can to comfort and enlighten others when they are ready to take it in and when it would help them.

"This information is from the Source of Energy of Light, and this Energy pervades the room and anyone who is in it when you are with Audrye and she is with Spirit; so are you, and the healing comes through. On any day of the week, and whenever I read my notes, the words that Audrye said light me up, and I start to feel energized, enlightened and happy. I start feeling the 'aha' moments of the readings the night before at Audrye's Womenís Group meeting. The night before the meeting, I could feel myself evolving and getting clarity, and seeing God with new eyes.

"After attending one of Audrye's Women's Group meetings, I would read my notes on the train from the night before, and to my amazement, I felt as I did at the meeting. The words on the page would light up, and I would feel that same energy Audrye emanated at the night before's meeting.

"I would get on the train on the way to work, still tired and sleepy, and as I read I would become ignited, energetic about the channeled information from the night before, and I would always feel a tremendous love coming through and a state of grace. After I left work for good, I became a Reiki Master and an interfaith minister, something I never would have done on my own, for which I credit Audrye.

"Ms Arbe is an amazing healer and psychic with a warm loving heart. She always puts me back into alignment as I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction and Fibromyalgia, plus other associated medical disorders. I always feel like skipping down the street after a reading or healing with Audrye. My heart is light, for the first time, perhaps in my life. I was working in a toxic environment, and I was overwhelmed with anxiety in the pit of my stomach that something was terrorizing me. After a healing session with Audrye, she got rid of it, and it never returned.

"My brother was in the intensive care unit, and we were told he wouldnít make it until morning. My brother became violently ill and was in an intensive care unit in Toledo, OH. He was expected to die by morning. Audrye sent him energy and sent energy to me for him, and I was able to send him energy, too. I kept sending him energy for several hours, and by morning we were told he was going to live, to everyoneís amazement. I flew to his bedside the next day, which was Friday, then they moved him out of the intensive care unit on Sunday afternoon, thanks to my dear friend, Audrye. She also did something similar to my friend who had cancer. There are no words to express my gratitude to Audrye for her goodness. In these instances where a person's physical or emotional life is at stake, there is no gratitude or tribute great enough except to say to Audrye, you are very loved, and have been blessed by many of us.

"Thanks to Audrye, I am no longer afraid of life. I have been able to stop looking over my shoulder. I can stay alone in my apartment without jumping out of my skin or getting frightened at any unusual noise. This is all a great freedom for me.

"These are some of the miracles I received from Audrye. I can say that I became an inspired human being. I became a Reiki Master and an interfaith minister. I can really see with my third eye. I can hear as I never heard before, and I can love unconditionally, which allows forgiveness of myself and others.

"God bless you, Audrye, and thank you with all of my heart for teaching me great and wonderful things, and healing me into the Light. I am humbled by your grace and love and thank you for this opportunity to tell you. And as with Audryeís other wonderful attributes, she is a humble person. Whenever I praise her, she is always a little surprised and delighted and grateful. You see, she does not expect praise. She does her work because she cares. Thank you, Audrye, in spirit, and all my love to you in person."

Lorraine Loeb
Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister

"I just wanted to thank you for your work as a healer and seer. As someone who is also in the healing profession, I know all too well that those that are great at what they do are so by taking themselves out of the equation and allowing the love and light from God to come through to heal.

"While I have benefited from your highly accurate psychic abilities for several years, it wasn't until recently I was privy to your distant healing work, and I must say bravo and thank you! You were able to address a personal issue that I had which affected my physical body, of which I thought it was my emotional self having a debate with itself, and through your abilities you were able to focus on the issue and find where/what/how the healing needed to happen. It was non-evasive and yet profoundly healing at the same time, and I hope that others find you and are healed through you as well. Much love and light!"

Lisa LaMendola
The Medium, Author, Healer, Channel

"Audrye Arbe is a gifted healer. ÝShe continues to guide me in my spiritual work. She is patient, compassionate and gentle with her clients and extremely professional. I believe anyone with an open heart and mind would benefit from Audrye's wisdom and grace."

Robyn C. Donaldson, J.D.
Regional Field Organizer for Broward County for Organizing for America, Yoga Instructor

"I was introduced to Audrye by a friend of mine who had done some previous spiritual work with her. My sessions with Audrye were intensely spiritual and healing. She was able to communicate spiritual truths in a way that was easy for me to understand, and she was able to guide me in a way that felt natural, logical and comforting. Her counsel was empowering and I still return to those lessons today."

Keme Hawkins
Ph.D. Student, Emory University

"Working with Audrye was an absolute pleasure! She is one of the most open-hearted psychics and spiritual consultants I have met. Her energy is gracious, warm and very insightful. Her work as an intuitive healer is equally powerful. Having done several sessions with Audrye, I highly recommend her services to anyone open to higher guidance."

Mario Arbore
Arbore Architectural Design PLLC

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